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Bike to work is a great way to save money on your bike purchase from taxes.You can get a relief of upto 730 Euros. Just fill the form on our website in the cycle to work section. We will come back with a quote which you can share with your employer who will pay us. Once they pay us, you get your payments within 7 days

Vat charges are unfortunately charged by revenue. We dont have any option but to pay it. It will be true for every company you buy from. A VAT invoice is necessary for legally driving a bike

To save your time and reach our support quickly, please follow below steps:

1/ Please mention your order number and E-Mail id account

2/ Capture screenshot or video for the issue you get.

3/ Describe clearly about the issue you are facing related to products.

4/ Send all information (staff account, screenshot, video, template name and version, description of the issues, link) to or whatsapp on +353899486428

We are a Dublin registered business and governed by local law. We are recognised by revenue as an official bike to work vendor ,permit for which is only granted after thorough checks

In terms of payment we only accept very secure payment method like Shop Pay , Paypal and Klarna,they offer buyer protection. So your money is secure with them. Call us

We offer 1 year manufacturers warranty by default on every product which means that if there's something faulty, the manufacture will send a new part and instructions on how to fix that. More info in our support section.

In case you want a shop to fix it we offer a local repair warranty in only 19.99 euro/year. You can buy that during checkout

We are an online shop with no physical store and that's how we can give the best prices as we dont have rental costs. Our business is registered out of Dublin 4 and our founders stay in Dublin 18

We have Klarna on our website. Just add product to your cart and while checking out after entering your address select the third option of payment (Klarna). This will split your cost into 3

Please note additional documents may be needed for customer verification

You should get your shipment in 7-
10 working days(usually its less than 7 days)ANYWHERE in EUROPE.

Collection We dont have ready stock for collection

Cash on Delivery There are no courier partners in Ireland which offer cash on delivery and hence we are unable to provide cash on delivery even if we want to

You should get your shipment in 7- 10 working days(usually its less than 7 days).

Bikes come 80% assembled. It will take about 5 mins to assemble the rest of the bike. If you want someone to assemble, any shop can do the assembly in about 30 euros

We apologise for the inconvinience caused. We would request you to record a video showing the problem clearly pointing to the scooter/bike and what is the problem. We will then be sharing this with the manufacturer and they will be offering you a resolution very soon.

If you have bought the local repair warantee from us, we can book your appointment to the partner repair shop and they can look into this for you.

The specifications come from the manufacturers and are for ideal/optimum conditions. The actual speef you get depends a lot of the wind speed, your weight etc. It's like car mileage or top speed in the speedometer. This range can be achieved at constant speed without breaking at lower speeds

We are an Ireland registered company and hence we pay this VAT to revenue. None of this amount you pay stays with us :)

We do have some spare parts like battery etc on our website. If you do not find what you are looking for, we can help you find shops in Dublin/source them for you if you are outside of Dublin. Let us come back to you on this

The speed of an electric bike can vary depending on the model and specifications. On average, electric bikes can reach speeds between 20 to 28 miles per hour (32 to 45 kilometers per hour). However, it's important to note that there are distinctions between regular electric bikes and speed e-bikes. Speed e-bikes have a more powerful motor, allowing them to achieve speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour (28 miles per hour). These high-speed e-bikes are subject to different rules and regulations throughout Europe, including requirements for helmets and license plates. It's essential to be aware of the specific regulations in your area regarding speed e-bike usage and ensure compliance with the applicable rules for a safe and legal riding experience.

The duration of a fully charged e-bike battery can vary depending on factors such as battery capacity, power mode, terrain, rider weight, and riding style. Generally, e-bike batteries can last between 25 to 70 miles (40 to 112 kilometers) on a single charge. It's important to consider these variables and consult the manufacturer's specifications for a more accurate estimation of the battery range for a specific e-bike model.

Electric scooters vary in their waterproofing or water resistance capabilities. Factors to consider include the scooter's IP rating, sealed components like the battery compartment and connectors, fenders, and mudguards for protection, and water-resistant materials. These IP ratings will range from 0 to 9. Higher numbers indicate more waterproofness. A score of 5 or 6 ought to offer defense against splashes, puddles, and light rain. It's important to refer to the user manual for specific guidelines, the brand's warranty, or any other support available on the Pogo Cycles website.

In the Bike to Work scheme, the ability to amend a submitted application can vary depending on the policies and procedures set by the employer and the scheme provider. It's recommended to reach out to the relevant contact or administrator responsible for managing the Bike to Work scheme in your organization. They will be able to guide on whether amendments can be made to a submitted application and the process to follow. It's important to act promptly and communicate any changes or amendments you wish to make as soon as possible to ensure the smooth and accurate processing of your application. Pogo Cycles policies make it easy to get and amend the bike-to-work application. You can contact us for any further requests.

Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, work by combining a traditional bicycle with an electric motor and a battery. The motor provides assistance to the rider, making pedaling easier and allowing for increased speed and range. When the rider pedals, a sensor detects the motion and activates the motor, which then provides additional power to the drivetrain. The motor's assistance can be adjusted through different modes or levels, depending on the desired level of support. The battery supplies energy to the motor and is rechargeable.

The legality of electric bikes varies by country and region, including European countries. In Europe, electric bikes are typically classified as pedal-assist bicycles (Pedelecs) with power and speed limits of 250 watts and 25 km/h (15.5 mph) respectively. Age restrictions, license requirements, and equipment regulations may also apply. It is important to consult specific local regulations to determine the legality of electric bikes in your area.

Yes, you can ride an electric bike in the rain. Ensure proper sealing of electrical components, use fenders, and adjust your riding style for slippery conditions. Clean and dry your electric bike after riding in wet conditions to prevent any potential damage.

Electric scooters have varying speeds depending on their power and design. On average, most electric scooters can reach speeds between 15 to 25 mph (24 to 40 km/h). However, there are high-performance models available that can achieve higher speeds. It's important to check the specifications of the specific electric scooter model for its top speed capability.

Yes, in most cases, you can use the Bike to Work Scheme more than once, provided that your employer allows it and you meet the eligibility requirements. However, it's recommended to consult your employer's policies or scheme guidelines for specific details on multiple usage. Usually as an employee, you can use the scheme once every 4 years.