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Cruise Affordably: Explore the Best Budget Electric Scooters on Pogo Cycles

Are you seeking a wallet-friendly and eco-conscious mode of transportation to zip around urban streets? Look no further than electric scooters! Pogo Cycles is your premier destination for a diverse range of electric scooters, including cost-effective options that deliver on both performance and value.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into some of the top cheap electric scooters available on Pogo Cycles, complete with insights into our price matching guarantee.

1. iScooter i9Pro: Your Affordable Ride to Fun and Freedom

Price - €288.00EUR

Cruise in comfort or unleash some speed! The i9Pro offers a powerful 350W motor, hitting 25 km/h in sport mode. Solid tires, dual shocks, and dual brakes keep your ride smooth and safe. Plus, an optional app lets you control settings and view stats (upgrade required).

 The i9Pro meets EU standards and features built-in protection systems and bright lights. Lightweight (13.5kg) and foldable, it's your perfect urban companion. Get yours fast (2-7 days) with a 180-day warranty!

2. Mankeel MK083 Electric Scooter: Folds Fast, Rides Far 

Price - €365.00EUR

Mankeel MK083 electric scooter - This budget-friendly scooter boasts a long-range 15-mile battery, letting you explore further on a single charge. Folds in just 3 seconds for easy storage and portability, perfect for offices or urban adventures.

 The MK083 features a secure folding design, durable build, and kinetic energy braking that recharges the battery while you ride (up to 22 miles range!). Multiple electronic protections ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Foldable, portable, long-range - the MK083 is your perfect electric scooter companion!

3. Kukirin (Kugoo) M4 Electric Scooter: Conquer Any Road 

Price -  €479.00EUR

This powerful scooter boasts a 500W motor for speeds up to 45 km/h and a long 45 km max range.

With Anti-skid 10" tires, it provides excellent grip on various terrains, while the triple braking system ensures smooth stopping power. The M4 features a bright LED headlight and taillight for optimal visibility during nighttime rides.

The new generation suspension system absorbs shocks for a smooth ride, even on uneven surfaces. Choose your perfect speed with the 3 adjustable settings (15/30/45 km/h).

The Kukirin M4 is your ideal electric scooter for conquering any urban adventure!

At Pogo Cycles, we're dedicated to providing our customers with unbeatable value. That's why we offer a price matching guarantee ( to ensure you always secure the best deal on your electric scooter purchase. If you discover a lower price on an identical product from a competitor, simply reach out to us, and we'll match it, reaffirming our commitment to affordability and customer satisfaction.

Embark on an eco-friendly journey without straining your budget. Explore our extensive collection of electric scooters on Pogo Cycles today and embrace a greener, more cost-effective way to navigate city streets!

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